HYPHA session 2, 10.04.2022

(sharing less-extractive tools we use regularly in our groups/colletives/associations...)

- etherpad / collective note taking tool
-- etherpump / etherdump are additions to the etherpad system, developed by constant and varia, to support the intensive use of the system, adding listing, export to html version, etc.

- bigbluebutton online video-conferencing + sharing documents
at constant there is one that can be shared with allies, following this pad-conditions:

- Jitsi (video-audio calls) instance provided by FuturEtic

- Peertube (video hosting/streaming) instance maintained systerserver
https://tube.systerserver.net/ - A techno-feminist queer collective video praxis platform 
If you know a group/collective or individual that needs video hosting please contact here, mentioning that you met us during ATNOFS:

- YunoHost (an interface to install all these sort of things)
- make your own server without understanding how it really works

- Tool to look for Mastodon instances

- Matrix Server
alternative to slack
- element app for phone
- Zulip https://zulip.com/
- https://fediverse.party/

Psaroskala zines by Mara
VPN zine (nice)
If you want to buy a zine to support mara you can send email to: hi@psaroskalazines.gr

VPN platform for creating secure private networks.

Testing this rocket.chat app in a self-hosted environment
- https://chat.hypha.ro/home


What our collectives need
    1. security from police and state monitoring; especially since the term anarchism in Romanian may be used to denote lack of order and chaos which can be punished by law; organizations can be used as scapegoats by police;
    2. a place to store and back-up more private archives, pictures from protests, documentation, our histories
          - we must be careful not to store everything in one place, because it could be easily lost
    3. a place to talk to each other, it seems that a mastodon instance would be useful to connect us across Romania
          - a masto instance would be useful to have more filtered and concised knowledge, where don't get bombed by all sorts event, commercials and facebook-like features
    4.  action groups where we can chat privately and focused
          - facebook groups have become a pain 
    5. we can't provide services, our resources are fairly limited, incipient, our collective is small

To inscribe to the ATNOFS mailing list and follow the project, keep in touch:


Rosa went on vacation between April, 20 - April, 26

Most of us were (preparing to go) on holiday, therefore we did not have any phisical access to rosa.
Why whe thought rosa decided to go on vacation:
    - work being done on the electricity installation of the building at filaret16
    - someone unplugging all the sockets while cleaning after the recent community dinner
Why rosa actually went out:
    -  the SIM installed in the 4G LTE Router ran out of "internet".
( o.o )
 > ^ <

Start of vacation:

End of vacation:

In the meantime:

1. Create a wpa_supplicant.conf file
2. Create a copy of the wpa_supplicant service
3. Edit the service to start with the config file we just created
4. Enable and start the service